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    A/N: If you want a timeline, this (AU) occurs in “The Chase.”

    “Mughh… wha?” Katara muttered, shaking her head as consciousness slowly returned. Judging from how she felt, she might have been out for a few hours.

    Of course, the second thing that she saw was the metal room that she was trapped in, waking her up entirely very quickly.

    “What?!” She said, quickly turning her head around. The room looked about half the size of one of the igloos back home; while it was big enough to hold her, it was maybe half a dozen square feet to a side. When she tried to pull her hands down, she realized that they were currently strapped to the ceiling by a pair of metal chains, and while they were long enough that she could touch the floor, they were also just short enough to make sure that she couldn’t move more than a foot without hitting the limit. And then, she remembered what had happened before she had passed out.

   She and Sokka had been fighting two of the girls that had been chasing them despite being exhausted, that pink-clothed girl dancing over one of her water streams and then tapping her lightly on the back. When she had fallen forward, she had then gotten what would have been a nice massage if it wasn’t from a chi-blocker. And now, she was here, with her friends nowhere in sight. It was obvious what she should do now. “HELP! SOMEBODY!” She yelled, hoping that, even if someone who wasn’t a friend answered (which seemed far more likely), she might at least find out where she was.

    The princess of the Fire Nation walking calmly into the room confirmed what she had feared. “Ah, it seems our prisoner has woken up.” She said, smugness seemingly rolling off of her at having captured one of the Avatar’s companions.

    “What do you want?” Katara asked, scowling at the princess, who had not won any favor from her with trying to capture her and the others.

    “What does everyone in the Fire Nation want right now?” Azula calmly retorted, examining her hand. “The Avatar. And you’re going to help me catch him-”

    “Never!” Katara spat out, disgust filling the word.

    “I never said it would be directly.” Azula finished, as if she had not been cut off. “I think the Avatar will come to rescue his friend, no?” Katara glared at the princess, but didn’t respond.

    “I’ll take that as a yes, then.” Azula smirked, turning around. “Oh, and get used to your new clothes, waterbender. We decided not to bother with unlocking you so you could use the bathroom.”

    "What do you mean?" Katara asked, confused.

    "You mean you haven't noticed yet?" Azula smirked. "Oh well. It's not my concern." She decided, turning around.

     Katara then realized that while the binding around her chest felt like it normally did, the cloth around her nether regions felt way thicker than it should have normally.

    Slowly, almost dreading what she might find, she slowly directed her gaze downwards.

To find, instead of underwear, three thick diapers pinned together.

    The shriek only stopped echoing through the train when Azula shut the door behind her.

    'Okay, Katara, calm down.' She thought to herself. 'You’ve been captured by the crazy princess and her friends, and they have put you in baby garments! ...Okay, i’m not calm.' She thought. 'But they must have put my stuff around here somewhere.'

    With that in mind, she started looking around the room, at any area that could be used for something besides the door.

    'In there?' She thought, noticing another door right next to the door that led out. 'They probably wouldn’t have put them with their own clothes, and there isn’t much room on this thing... Okay, I just have to either get out myself now… or wait for everyone to rescue me.'

    Realizing something, she quickly shut her eyes and said a prayer.

    '...Spirits, if you have any mercy, please let it be Aang that finds me instead of Sokka or Toph...'

In the main compartment of the Train

    “I take it from the screech that she’s woken up?” Mai drawled, inspecting her knives as she sat in one of the chairs, the three komodo lizards in their pens next to her.

    “Indeed, Mai, the prisoner has finally gotten up.” Azula calmly sat down, speaking as she did so. “And found her new attire as well.”

    “I still can’t believe you had that stuff just sitting around to use for a prisoner.” Mai said, laying back as much as the metal seat would allow. In other words, not very much.

    “It wasn’t for a prisoner, Mai.” Azula said calmly. “I just wanted to cover all my bases, since I wasn’t sure whether or not Ty Lee was still wetting the bed at night, and I never got around to throwing them out.”

    “Azula! I told you before, I don’t do that anymore!” Ty Lee exclaimed, looking crestfallen. “And I was still young when we were still going to the Academy!”

    “So? I was just as young as you were and I never wet the bed.” Azula retorted, a look of pride on her face. “And Mai never wet the bed at night, did you Mai?” She finished, smirking at her knife-throwing friend.

    “If I ever wet the bed at the academy like she did, I think my parents might have disowned me.” Mai added, ignoring the “kicked puppy” look on Ty Lee’s face.

    “What’s the plan again?” Ty Lee asked, both curious, and wanting to get the conversation away from her former bedwetting issues.

    Azula sighed. “All right, for the benefit of Ty Lee: we are waiting for the Avatar and his other friend to show up with their bison. Ty Lee will be waiting outside, and she will let them knock her ou-”

    “Hey! Why do I have to be the one who gets knocked out?!” Ty Lee burst out, sounding very offended.

    Azula glared at her. “I wasn’t finished.”

    Upon seeing Azula’s look, Ty Lee withered in her seat “I… um…”

    “As I was saying-” Azula began again, ignoring her ally’s interruption. “Ty Lee will be knocked out, and the Avatar and his Water Tribe comrade will go into the tank, and confront either Li and Mai in the prisoner’s cell, or Lo and me in the front cockpit. Li or Lo will then go and free or wake up Ty Lee, and we three will all attack and crush them together. Any questions?”

    Mai raised her hand slightly over her head.

    “What is it, Mai?” Azula said in an exasperated tone.

    “Can I switch places with Ty? I don’t want to stand near the prisoner. She might yell at me.”

    Azula rolled her eyes. “Ask Ty Lee.” She stated, turning around. “I really don’t care which of you it is.”

    “Ty-” Mai began, turning to her friend.



    “Okay.” Sokka said, drawing a line in the ground. “So, here’s the plan. We follow these tracks-” He pointed to the lines left in the ground- “on the ground, with Appa at a distance, until we see the metal thing. When we see it, we have Toph dig a tunnel under the earth and put earth blocks under the wheels so they can’t move, then wait until night or they notice them. Then, when one or more of them come out onto the ground, Toph opens holes under them and buries them up to their necks.”

    He looked around at the four people, flying bison, and lemur gathered around him. “Any questions?”

    Zuko raised his hand.

    “Yes, Angry Jerk?”

    Zuko’s eye twitched. “Why am I helping you again?”

    “So we can all get away from your crazy sister who tried to kill you and Aang and strand her and her friends without a ride so they’ll have to walk a few days to get another one of those things while we all have a straight shot to Ba Sing Se?” Toph deadpanned.

    “And so we can save Katara!” Aang exclaimed, who was looking like he would be ready to charge off and face Azula, Mai, and Ty Lee simultaneously to do just that.

    “Because they are in need of aid, Zuko?” Iroh said in a tone meant to calm.

    “...I’m gonna go with her on this one.” Zuko jerked his thumb towards Toph.

    “Okay, any other questions?” Sokka asked, looking around.

    There was silence.

    “All right, everybody, let’s do this!”


    “So, why am I wearing these, then?” Katara demanded, glaring at the pink-wearing girl in front of her.

    Ty Lee beamed cheerfully, ignoring the fact that the girl in front of her was giving her a glare to rival Azula’s. “Well, Azula said we’d be holding you for a while, but you’re a waterbender.”

    “What does me being a waterbender have to do with anything?” Katara hissed.

    Ty Lee shrugged. “Well, we can’t let you go to the bathroom and free your hands, cause Azula says you might bend it at us-” Katara looked rather disgusted by that idea. “-but she said we can’t just let you stand there forever, cause Mai said you might smell eventually. So we made do!” she chirped, cheerfully getting closer to Katara and poking the mass of cloth. “These are really soft, you know.”

    “I don’t care how soft they are!!” Katara screamed. “Let me out of here!! You have no idea how humiliating this is!!!”

    Ty Lee’s face changed, with her now looking rather embarrassed. “Er, actually I do…”

    “Oh really? How?!” Katara screamed. While normally she wasn’t like this, being captured, wearing diapers, and being partly naked in front of the enemy was not helping with her temper.

    Ty Lee looked away. “They were supposed to be mine…” She muttered.

    Katara blinked, her rage briefly forgotten. “Huh?”

    Ty Lee shrugged. “I, er, used to wet the bed when I still went to school with Azula and Mai. Azula got them because she didn’t know whether or not I still needed them…”

    “Do you?” Katara asked, curiosity overcoming her.

    “No!” Ty Lee snapped, looking annoyed, before an apologetic look came over her. “I stopped wetting the bed after I ran away and joined the circus. I think it was because I wasn’t as stressed or something, the doctor said.”

    “So you don’t need them anymore? Why did you still have them here, then?” Katara asked, a puzzled look on her face.

    Ty Lee shrugged. “We never got around to throwing them away, and Azula said she wasn’t going to use her fire on baby clothes.”

    'I can’t see someone as arrogant as that ever doing menial labor willingly…' Katara thought to herself.

    “How did you deal with all the teasing?” Katara asked. 'I’ll never hear the end of this if Sokka or Toph finds out…'

    “Azula made sure nobody ever teased me!” Ty Lee exclaimed. However, she did not elaborate any further.

Several Hours Later…

    Calmly, Azula walked out of the cockpit of the train. While she had left Ty Lee to her own devices for several hours out of trust in her abilities, it was nearing time to eat dinner, and she wanted to see Ty Lee and make sure that the prisoner hadn’t escaped, since she had not heard from Ty Lee in the entire time that she had been sent to watch her. While escape was unlikely, especially an unheard escape, taking chances was foolish.

    As she neared the cell, however, she heard some rather odd noises coming from it.


    “Come on, you can do this!”

    '...What are they doing in there?' Azula thought, genuinely caught off guard for a moment.

    She shook her head, shrugging it off.

    'Probably just some game or something where Ty Lee’s moving her pieces for her and winning…' Azula thought, shaking her head.

    “It-It’s so hard, though…”

    “Come on, you can! You said you could do it!”

    'They aren’t…' She thought, a slightly more disturbing scenario coming to mind… that fit with the noises she was hearing.

    “I-I can do it!”

    “See, you can!”

    Azula kicked the door open to catch the two red-handed, only to see a scene that hadn’t changed much since the last time.

    The waterbender prisoner still had her arms attached to the ceiling by the chains she had been captured with, but she now had her face scrunched up furiously. Beyond the triple cloth diapers that Li and Lo had put on her when she had been captured, she was still wearing nothing but a strip of cloth around her breasts to serve as a bra.

    Curiously, however, Ty Lee was standing right in front of her, had her arms held just below her face and her fists apparently clenched, but she didn’t sound very angry, and seemed to be actually be encouraging her.

    “What are you two doing?” Azula asked, causing Ty Lee to jump in terror and turn around as quickly as her feet would allow.

    “Oh! Azula!” She quickly bowed to her friend. “Why are you here?” She asked, tilting her head curiously.

    “Well, I came to see how you and the prisoner were doing.” Came the response. “... What exactly are you doing?” Azula asked.

    “Oh!” Ty Lee nodded, her normal cheerful look reappearing. “Well, Katara’s been here for a while, and she hasn’t gone yet, and we just talked for a while.”

    'She was talking at me most of that while…' Katara thought.

    “In about... six hours? She hasn’t gone to the bathroom yet?” Azula questioned, raising an eyebrow in slight surprise.

    “I can hold it just fine, princess.” Katara said, her eyes narrowing at the one who was holding her prisoner, and had her strung up and left in diapers in the first place, clenching her butt furiously so she wouldn’t go. She had no intention of giving this spoiled brat the satisfaction of watching her mess and humiliate herself.

    “Well, she had to go, she just didn’t… go.” Ty Lee waved her hand around in a “so-so” fashion. “She says she’s going to hold it till she gets out.”

    “So she plans to never go to the bathroom again, then?” Azula drawled, boredom filling her expression.

    “My friends will get me out of here and away from you!” Katara vowed, glaring at Azula furiously.

    Azula frowned, disliking the look of resistance in Katara’s eyes. She would have to fix that. “Ty Lee, she stays here.” Azula started to walk out of the room, a serene expression on her face. “I’ll be right back.”

    Katara felt uneasy. While the princess had not done anything to her directly so far, she had a feeling right now that that was about to change. The expression on her new sort-of friend’s face did not help her feelings in that regard.

    'She wouldn’t do that… would she?' Ty Lee thought to herself, in slight alarm. The creak of a metal door opening from outside told her everything she had feared Azula was going to do was about to happen. Ty Lee turned to Katara with a guilty expression on her face. “I’m really sorry about this. I-I’ll help you when it’s over, I swear!”

    “When what’s over?” Katara asked, now feeling even more uneasy than she had before.

    Before Ty Lee could answer, Azula reentered the room, holding what looked like to Katara to be one of those shot things that she had seen in one of the Fire Nation colonies that they had gone through, save much bigger.

    “All right, Ty, do it.” Azula said, handing the massive needle to her underling.

    “Me? But-” Ty Lee began to protest, only to be cut off mid sentence.

    “Do what I say, Ty Lee.” Azula looked her right in the eyes, and Katara would swear afterwards that at that moment she looked just like a mongoose-cobra right before it struck. “You do it to her, or I do it to her and you. You know how it works, so do it.” To accentuate her point, Azula lit a small blue fireball in her right hand.

    Wilting under Azula’s gaze, Ty Lee, her gait slower than before, walked behind Katara, who, to her surprise, felt her diapers being pulled down.

    “What are you doing??” She asked, glaring at Azula.

    “You mean, what is Ty Lee doing?” Azula calmly examined her fingernails. “Just giving you an enema.”

    “...What’s an enema?” Katara asked blankly.

    “Oh, you’ll see about… now?” Azula smirked, right as Katara’s eyes widened involuntarily upon feeling something get stuck into her bottom.

    “Wha-urgh!” Katara gasped, feeling water getting pumped into her posterior. “What are you doing!?!”

    “I told you. An enema.” Azula said. “It’ll clean all of that mess right out of you. Right into those diapers of yours...” she finished.

    Katara’s eyes widened, then went together in fury. “You’re sick!” She hissed, managing to put the pumping sounds and the watery sensation in her behind completely out of her mind with sheer fury at the person holding her hostage. “Eurghh…” She clenched her teeth even more furiously, trying to focus on holding it in, even though she felt like she was going to burst.

    “You’re calling me sick?” Azula smirked. “I’m not the one who’s going to go and poop in a bunch of diapers like an infant soon. Ty Lee, are you done back there?” She called.

    “I’m done...” Came the rather dejected response, with Ty Lee tugging the enema injector back out and pulling Katara’s diapers back up to cover her bottom.

    “Good. Now, it’s time to eat. Leave her in her mess.” Azula said calmly, turning to exit the room.

    Ty Lee nodded, but leaned back. “I’ll get you cleaned up as soon as we’re done. Promise.” She hissed, then yelled “Coming, Azula!” and ran out of the room.

    'That sick monster!' Katara felt as though she was going to burst in her lower end - not an inaccurate feeling, all things considered. 'I’ll make her pay for this if it takes the rest of my life!!'

Outside the tank

    “So, how’s it going in there?” Mai asked, currently inspecting her nails as she sat on the ramp of the tank.

    “Well, Azula just told me to tell you that it’s time to eat, so that’s how it’s going right now wi-” Ty Lee started, only for Mai to hold up her right hand in a “stop” motion.

    “With the prisoner, I meant. What’s Azula planning to do with her?”

    Ty Lee looked slightly disturbed. “Well, she said we’re going to head to the base when you get inside, and leave our tracks behind.”

    “Why didn’t we just leave ASAP?” Mai asked, a puzzled look on her face.

    Ty Lee shrugged. “I didn’t ask Azula, and she didn’t tell me.”

    Mai sighed, and began to walk into the machine, only to pause partway up the ramp.

    “...What is the prisoner doing?” Mai asked, genuinely puzzled upon hearing the “Eeuuurggghhh…” coming from the cell.

    “Oh, Katara? Azula gave her an enema so that she’d poop.” Ty Lee explained on the ground behind her, a slightly frightened look coming over her face. “She made me give it to her and said she’d do it to me if I didn’t…”

    Mai frowned, shaking her head both at the fact that Azula had threatened Ty Lee yet again, and what Azula had done. “I thought she stopped doing that to people when we left the academy.”

    “I don’t think so... “ Ty Lee responded. “She did all that to a lot of girls when she was there so their parents would get her approval. And I don’t think Lord Ozai ever did anything about it...”

    Mai shook her head and turned to face Ty Lee, a look on her face even less happy than usual. “Why doesn’t he do anything again? It’s really disturbing that she does it at all, let alone enjoys it as much as she does.”

    “I think he just doesn’t care much…” Ty Lee said, shrugging.

    In actuality, Ozai both found what Azula did to be a sort of new way to use psychological warfare on prisoners... and not caring too much about what Azula did, as long as she kept it within reason and didn’t provoke anybody that could hurt them.

    “Well, he should care mo-” Mai began to speak, but stopped upon hearing a crunching sound in the brush.

    “They’re here!” She yelled, swiftly turning around and pulling a knife out of one of her sleeves.

    Before she could throw it, however, both Mai and Ty Lee got a brick of earth sent right into their stomachs.

    'An earthbender? I thought the Avatar couldn’t earthbend yet-' Mai thought as she fell onto the the metal ramp, the wind knocked completely out of her.

    Before she or Ty Lee could recover, she noticed a boy with some sort of ponytail run up to Ty Lee… and hit her over the head with some sort of weapon.

    Ty Lee went limp on the ground.

    Mai started to get up, only for a blast of wind to hurl her back into the wall from the boy that had landed ten feet in front of her.

    The last thing she saw before she lost consciousness was Azula standing right out of view of the intruders, with a furious look on her face.

    'Great, she’s gonna blame us for this…' Mai thought.

The Train

    “Okay, everybody, let’s see how this thing works.” Sokka said, standing in the cockpit with the rest of the group behind him.

    “It is a tank train.” Iroh looked around, taking note of the area. “We appear to have run out of coal for the engine… would somebody get some?” He asked.

    “Where is it?” Toph asked.

    “...The coal’s right there.” Zuko deadpanned, pointing to the large tray of black rocks situated right next to the engine.

    “Well, so-rry!” Toph said, not sounding very sorry at all. “Blind and all, can’t tell.”

    “Just throw the coal in the engine!” Zuko snapped. “Uncle, let’s get it started.”

    “So, I get to figure out how to drive this thing, huh?” Sokka grinned, looking over the controls.

    “I will aid you, but yes.” Iroh said, moving to the front.

    Looking back, Sokka noticed that one of them was missing.

    “Hey, where’s Aang?”


    “Okay Appa, fly after us!” Aang yelled to the flying bison, standing on the ramp and holding his hands to his mouth.

    The bison nodded, and took of into the air… watched by both the airbender, and the Fire Nation teen nearby.

    “So… how are we supposed to get out of this?” Mai asked Aang slowly, currently buried up to her head in dirt, with Ty Lee, still unconscious nearby, in the same situation.

    Aang nodded towards Azula, who was currently bound and gagged with a great deal of rope, and the two old women who were sitting on the ground, making no moves to do anything. He then looked at the small shovel he had found in the train that was leaning against the trees. “They’ll dig you out when we're gone, I guess.”

    He then looked back at Mai, anger, and a bit of worry evident on his face. “And where did you put Katara?!”

    “The prisoner?” Mai said, looking utterly unconcerned. “Don’t worry. She’s in the back room of the train. The key’s in the closet next to it. Tho-”

    “Really?! Great! Thanks!” Aang sped into the train, completely ignoring Mai at this point, even though she had yet to finish speaking. Blinking, Mai noticed that while the side that was open began to roll up, the train did not move. Regardless, Mai’s mouth was left open, with nothing to say to anyone that was awake or nearby.

    “...He can find out himself.” Mai decided, coming to a decision that pleased her.

    Remembering the aftermath of Azula’s “hobby” in the Fire Nation Royal Academy gave her a pretty good idea of what the Avatar’s face would look like when he saw his friend.

    She had to force down a smirk at it.

Inside the Train

    'Okay, this closet is really weird…' Aang thought as he studied it, briefly forgetting who he was here to free. Was all this for interrogating people? 'I don’t see how anyone could use this to torture someone.' He pondered this as he looked over the equipment, noticing what appeared to be some sort of curved wooden section a bit smaller than his hand, with some sort of rod in the middle.

    Of course, all the strange objects and what they might have been used for flew out of his mind as soon as he saw what he had been looking for.

    'The key!' He thought triumphantly, pulling it off a hook that had been on the back of the door.

    “Aang! Have you found Katara yet?!” Sokka yelled down from the front of the train. “We’ve just about got this thing working!”

    “In a minute, Sokka!” Aang yelled back.

    “Aang?” Came a confused voice from behind the door, which made Aang’s heart leap.

    “Katara! Don’t worry, i’ll get you out!” Aang said, hastily inserting the key into the lock and turning it.

    “No, wait!” Katara quickly exclaimed. 

“I’m h-“ Aang opened the door, only to pause midsentence, blinking.

    Seeing his friend and crush bound to the ceiling by her hands and wearing nothing but a strip of cloth and several very used diapers would do that to a 12-year old.

    “Katara?” Aang asked, confusion coming over his face. “What’s going on?”

    “Hurry!” Katara hissed under her breath. “Shut the door! Don’t let them see me like this!

    Still confused, but obeying his friend, Aang quickly stuck his head out the door.

    “Um, Sokka! Katara’s here, but she’s locked up! I’m gonna get her out!”

    “Okay, you do that!” Sokka yelled back. “We’ve got this thing running!”

    As Sokka said it, both of the two in the back room felt a shock run through the floor. They were moving. 'So this is what a train is like…' Aang thought, briefly forgetting what was happening and just enjoying the new experience of the metal moving under his feet.

    “Aang?!” Katara said, sounding desperate.

    “Oh, right!” Aang quickly shut the door so it was mostly closed behind him and turned around to Katara.

    “Um, what’s going on, Katara?” He asked again.

    “I woke up like this after they captured me.” Katara said, her head dipping down in clear shame.

    “Um, does that mean-” Aang began, starting to point to the messed-in diaper.

    “No! Not like this.” She shook her head, shaking her bottom to make her point clear. “I was holding it in till that Princess did something to me!”

    “What?” Aang asked.

    “She got out something that looked like a really big… one of those shot things?” Katara said. “Then she filled it with water and made her friend start pumping it into my butt!”

    “And you did this afterwards?” Aang asked.

    Katara’s head fell down, looking somewhat ashamed. “Yeah… er, could you get me out now, Aang? I think the key and my clothes should be in that closet.” She gestured with one of her feet towards the other door.

    “Got it!” Aang said, running to the door, then sticking the key in and opening it. “All right, here…”

    “...Where are my clothes?” Katara asked, sounding slightly alarmed as she looked into the closet. All that was present inside it appeared to be more white diapers.

    “Um, I think I know.” Aang said, bending down to the ground and picking something up.

    When he turned around, ash dropped out of his hand. Katara’s scream of rage was heard clear at the front of the train, even over the engine running.

    “Calm down, Katara!” Aang quickly shook his hands, trying to placate his friend. “Your other clothes are on Appa… Hey, here’s the key!” He said, grabbing a key hanging on the back of the closet.

    “Great! Now let me down from here!” Katara said, slightly cheering up at the idea that she might finally get let down from the chains.

    Quickly, Aang ran up to Katara, then summoned an air scooter. Standing on it, he quickly unlocked the chains that were pinning Katara to the ceiling.

    “Finally!” Katara said, rubbing her wrists with a smile on her face. It vanished as soon as she looked down. “Now what do I do about this…” She asked, her face falling as she realized that she likely wouldn’t be able to get at her clothes on Appa anytime soon; and such, get out of her messy diapers without going around naked.

    “Um… I have an idea.” Aang said cautiously.

    “What is it, Aang?” Katara asked, looking at her friend.

    Aang picked two of the cloth diapers out of the closet and held them in front of him, very red in the face. “Er… do you want a change, Katara?” He asked.

Katara is captured by Azula during the Chase. What fate awaits her? What Azula has planned is not as horrible as a lifetime in prison, but Katara's still not happy about being locked in diapers.
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