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AN: I do not own the Batman series, or any of the characters in it. DC Comics does.

Cheerfully walking down the path to Stephanie Brown's home, carrying a large backpack behind her, Cassandra Cain, Bruce Wayne's recently adopted daughter, cheerfully hummed a tune to herself as she walked to the porch and began to knock on the door to her best friend's house.

She was looking forward to what she had planned for today with Stephanie's mother Crystal.

“Who is it- oh!” Crystal Brown started, opening the door. “You're early! I wasn't expecting you for another twenty minutes, Cassandra.”

“Caught bus early. More time this way.” Cass said simply, walking through the open door, removing her backpack.

“Well, yes. That is true, but we should have had at least two hours to get everything ready beforehand. But none of it has arrived yet, actually...” Crystal said sadly.

Cassandra frowned as she dropped the bag. “Was supposed to be here today before I came. Paid extra for shipping and arrival time, timed Stephanie's arrival here. Has to be here.”

“I know!” Crystal said, frowning. “Stephanie won't be staying late at school again for another week, and we were going to surprise her...”

Cass sighed and sat down. “Will be here. Soon.” Her eyes narrowed. “Otherwise, I talk with mailing manager.”

“Do that if you want, but it won't solve things.” Crystal sighed. “It still might be late. But either way, how about we get you ready before Stephanie gets here?”

A smile returning to her face, Cass got up and walked over to her bag. “Brought everything I had. That done, at least.”

Watching as Cassandra zipped open the bag and began to pull out a few of the things they had already gotten for her daughter, Crystal felt her mood begin to improve again.




“Hm-hmhmhm...” Stephanie Brown hummed, cheerfully walking up the block towards her house, with a spring in her step and a crinkle in her pants.

She could hardly believe how well things had been going for her after she had come back from Africa.

She had finally gotten at least a little respect from everyone else in the superhero community (and gotten to smack Bruce in the face, which had felt amazing), and even gotten to be Batgirl! Not bad for someone who had started off with a supervillain for a dad and a drug-addicted nurse for a mother.

And speaking of mom, she had really managed to clean herself up, it seemed. Stephanie had not seen her mother pop a single medication after her return that was stronger than an asprin.

And when she had come out to her mother as an AB/DL, the reaction from her mother contained a surprising amount of joy. She had actually smiled, hugged Stephanie and said that she was overjoyed to have her baby girl back and that she could wear anything that she wanted!

Stephanie's first two packages of pink-colored adult diapers had arrived less than a week later (she had wanted eggplant or purple, but she couldn't find any in either color). She could still remember Barbara's reaction when Stephanie had told her.

Hey. It's your life, Batgirl. You can do what you want. Within reason.” She said, turning back to her computer monitors.

Stephanie blinked, before smiling as she tugged the rest of her vigilante uniform onto her body, covering the diaper she had brought for patrol.

Besides, I sometimes use them when I know I'm gonna be here for a while.” Barbara added, still not looking at the other vigilante, and also pulling open one of the drawers near her desk.

Aha!” Stephanie shouted, grinning as she saw the package in there.

Stephanie's smile grew as she remembered the rest of that day, which had been spent happily working on her homework and detective work in the Clocktower with Barbara, her pink diaper exposed for anyone who walked in to see. Even if nobody else had done more than call Barbara for help.

Only taking minor notice of the delivery truck that was pulling away from the next block over as she walked down the front steps of her house, Stephanie marched up to the front door. “Hellooo!”

“Ah! There's my baby girl!” Crystal cooed, walking out from the kitchen and hugging her daughter as she closed the front door.

“Mooom! I'm not a baby anymore!” Stephanie complained, though the smile still on her face gave away that she wasn't really protesting.

“Stephanie, you'll be my baby girl for as long as I live, if you want.” Crystal whispered into her ear, making Stephanie's grin go ear to ear, before backing off. “Now, get those jeans off. I've got a surprise for you!”

“Really? What is it?” Stephanie asked, curiosity imbuing her voice as she zipped down and unbuttoned her pants loyally, exposing her white patterned Safari diaper. “You didn't invite Tim or Damian over, did you?!” She demanded, eyes widening at the thought of her sort-of boyfriend or the current Robin finding out she wore diapers. Tim would... she didn't know, but it would be embarrassing, and Damian would mock her about it for years, probably.

“No, I didn't call either of them. It's fine, now come on!” Crystal ordered, grabbing Stephanie's hand and pulling her along behind her. “Now, here's your new room!” Crystal beamed, hauling Stephanie to see the room that she had used as her bedroom ever since she and her mother had moved in.

Which was now practically unrecognizable from what she had known it to be only this morning.

“Wh-what?!” Stephanie gasped, looking around. Her bed was still there – but there had been several bars installed on the side, and she could see a box next to it that was containing a plastic pad, which had “For Bedwetters!” emblazoned on the side of it. The dresser was still there too, but the top drawer, which had previously contained her panties alone, was now heavily stocked with several different types of diapers. She could still see her normal underwear at the top of the drawer, but there were several gaps in them that exposed the many thick types of diapers and diaper stuffers below them.

A rather fitting metaphor for her new lifestyle, her mother would later tell her. A thin “big girl” veneer which just didn't quite conceal the colossal baby under it.

Her posters and books were still there – that hadn't changed very much. But she was pretty sure that she hadn't had a Kindle before, and that she had never bought Ebooks such as “Becky's Diaper Punishment.”

All of this was minor, however, compared to who was standing in the middle of Stephanie's rearranged room, with several boxes still waiting around.

“Cass?!” Stephanie gasped, her mother giving her a gentle shove into the room towards the other girl, who Stephanie quickly noticed was wearing a very out-of-place nurse uniform... and a diaper as big as hers in place of underwear.

Smiling at her best friend's arrival, as well as her shocked expression, Cass began calmly strolling towards the still-shocked Stephanie, who was wildly glancing around her altered bedroom.

“What did you guys do to my ro – oomph!” Stephanie started to question, only to be cut off mid-sentence by Cass shoving a pacifier into her mouth. Too baffled to pull it out, she took an experimental suck on it. It was rather nice, she thought.

“Now, Stephanie, I know you have a lot of questions.” Crystal began from the doorway, smiling at her stunned daughter. “So here's the simple version! Cass here -” she gestured to the other young woman “- has agreed to babysit you for the day while I'm out.”

Watching as her daughter yanked the pacifier out of her mouth and then began to open it, undoubtedly to ask more questions, Crystal raised her hand in a “stop” symbol. “Ah! No questions yet. First... we have some rules for you now, Stephanie.”

“Rules?!” Stephanie asked, still stunned by what was happening. “Mom, what did you and Cass do?!”

“Help you with fetish. You like diapers?” Cass bluntly stated, poking the side of Stephanie's padding.

“Well, yes!” Stephanie exclaimed. “But what did you two do?!”

Frowning at her daughter's tone, Crystal walked into the room, where she did her best to “tower” over her daughter.

Judging from how Stephanie seemed to deflate under her gaze and put her pacifier back in her mouth, she assumed that she had done a good job.

“Stephanie, I love you. And I will happily support you with this... AB/DL thing until you move out. As well as your... nighttime activities.” Crystal calmly began, smiling at her suddenly meek child as she referenced her vigilantism. “But! I have decided that since you are going to be doing this with my help, and asked for me to take charge of you, there are going to be some changes around here.”

“Beside for diapers.” Cass added, pulling out Stephanie's waistband.

Stephanie blushed red as her mother began to talk more.

“For starters! Stephanie, like I said, there are going to be rules for how you act while you are at home.” Crystal began. “Since you seem to enjoy acting like a baby so much even without these, we might as well go all the way here.” Stephanie blushed as she remembered what her mother was probably talking about – about two weeks ago, she had run out of diapers to wear, and had decided to act like a baby for a whole day till the next package arrived. Her mother had taken the whole thing in stride, and Stephanie had been rocked to sleep that night in her arms, after a day of crawling around the house.

“Now, take a good look!” Crystal said, guiding her once and current baby over to one of the walls and a chart Stephanie hadn't noticed before, removing the pacifier that was still in her mouth. “These are your new guidelines for home. And say them out loud so I know you understand them!” she added, a sharp tone in her voice.

Nodding obediently, and wishing to have the pacifier back, Stephanie raised her eyes upwards. “Steffy's rules? Really?” She asked, frowning at the name.

“Read.” Cass grunted, not replying to the question.

Giving off a pout, Stephanie nevertheless lowered her gaze and began to speak aloud the rules she would live by now.

Rule 1: Mommy is always right.” She read. “Rule 2: See Rule 1.”

“Indeed! In this house, I am.” Crystal interrupted. “And you are such a big baby.” she cooed, patting Stephanie's behind.

“Er, yes I am?” Stephanie replied, quickly remembering what she had just read.

“Good girl!” Crystal beamed at her daughter. “You understand. Now, you're going to keep reading.”

Returning her gaze to the board, Stephanie did just that. “Rule 3: Misbehave, get spanked. No exceptions, Steph!” She read, eyes widening. “Er, you're just gonna do that here at home, right mom?” she asked, slightly panicking.

“Mmm. Maybe...” Crystal pondered, rubbing her daughter's head affectionately, while also pulling out a large wooden paddle from the wall, with her daughter's name on it. “It depends on how good you are otherwise.”

Not sure whether to interpret that as a good or bad thing, Stephanie continued. “Rule 4: Big girl clothes are a privilege!” As she read this, she took a quick look around, her eyes going to several stacked up boxes that had not been opened yet, which she hadn't paid attention to before.

She had a sneaking suspicion as to what was inside them, now.

Rule 5: Diapers are to be worn at all times at home.” Stephanie felt her mood improve as she read this.

Even when you have someone over, dear.” Crystal added, causing Stephanie's mood to decline a little again.

Even Tim?” She whined. “He'll find out in seconds!”

“Even Tim.” Cass said simply, forcing her friend's head back to a forward position.

Rule 6: Mommy chooses any babysitters.” I can live with this. As long as mom doesn't call in Damian. She thought, before reading off the last rule. “Rule 7: Sitters have permission to spank!”

“Good girl!” Crystal said, clapping her hands together. “Was all that clear? Or do you need to get a demonstration?”

Stephanie's eyes widened, and she quickly shook her head. “No! I understood!”

“Excellent. Now, I'm going to go put in some overtime at the hospital.” Crystal said, walking out. “Cass, you're in charge while I'm gone!”

Looking to her friend, Stephanie noticed the rather odd look in her eyes.

“You. Unpack this. Go.” Cass stated simply, gesturing to all the remaining boxes in the room. “We decide what next after.”

Nodding quickly, Stephanie walked over to one side of the room.

Getting her behind turned purple by Cass was not at all appealing.


Several hours later:


Getting out of her car and moving up the walk, Crystal wondered how the girls had handled themselves while she was gone. While she was confident that they could watch themselves just fine, it was still worrying for her just what they might do.

Knocking on the door, her fears were assuaged as she heard a loud “I'm coming!” From her daughter on the other side.

“Thank you, dear.” She said, walking inside the house. Casting a minor look to the side, she absently noticed that Stephanie had not put her pants back on over the time that she had been gone, and that her diaper was still visible.

Then, she frowned as she noticed that the diaper she was wearing was the same as the one she had been wearing when she left.

“Stephanie! Have you not had to change yourself the whole time I was gone?” Crystal demanded, hands on her sides.

“Yeah, but I was busy!” Stephanie quickly defended herself, surprised by the change of topic. “Cass was getting me to set up, and then telling about all the rules for nig-”

No excuses, young lady!” Crystal snapped. “We spent a lot of time and money getting all of this for you!” She said, gesturing to all of the AB/DL equipment around her the two had set up together. “Now, you are going to get down!” she said, placing a hand on her daughters head and giving a small shove.

Most of the time, Stephanie was more than capable of resisting anything her mother could do. But two things stopped her – Cass was right there, probably willing to help Crystal if they fought... and her new Rule #1.

Mommy is always right.

“What do you want me to do?” Stephanie asked, bowing before her parent as Cass walked into the room.

Crystal smiled. “First, I want you to go in that diaper of yours. Next, we're all going to have dinner, since Cass has agreed to stay the night and help you tomorrow.”

Nodding, Stephanie got down in obedience to her mother. However, even as she went to her knees on the floor, her brain was still pointing out that it was rather absurd that, instead of blaming her for losing control and wetting or messing her diaper, her mother was mad at her for not losing control and going in her diaper.

However, she calmly ignored her thoughts as she started to squat. Soon
after, Stephanie began to grimace as she focused on ignoring her potty training again. This was harder then she had thought it would be.

Scowling to herself, Stephanie began to clench her behind furiously, her face scrunching as she tried to break the blockage in her rear. Crystal smiled as she watched her daughter try to go against her own instincts. "You're such a good baby girl..."

Smiling at her parent's praise, Stephanie gave her mother an adoring look. Just as she felt the blockage in her behind break.

"Mom, I - oh!" Stephanie's eyes widened dramatically, as the back of her diaper began to inflate outwards. "Ooohhh..." she groaned, squeezing her stomach as she squatted on the floor, releasing a massive mess into her diaper.

"Goodness! It seems you might have been holding more in there than you thought." Crystal said, before frowning again. "Let it ALL out, Stephanie. If you have to wet yourself, you will wet yourself this second!"

"Y-yes, mommy..." Stephanie moaned, shifting her attention to her bladder, before breathing in to focus on it, and not the massive warm sensation coming from her behind. Shutting her eyes, she winced as the flood began pouring out - she hadn't gone to the bathroom since before lunch, and all of that was now making its way out into her rapidly expanding diaper, merging with the mess from her behind.

"I-I'm done." Stephanie said, standing up, staring downwards as her diaper made a sloshing noise. "Geez... I didn't think I had that much in me."

“Good girl!” Crystal cooed, bending down to examine her daughter's dirty diaper. “Very good! It might have leaked if you had any more in you...” Frowning, she went over to one of the boxes that hadn't been opened yet, before turning around with...  

"Plastic panties?" Stephanie asked, tilting her head.

"Yes. Lift your leg." Crystal said, advancing on her daughter with the pink, see-through, underwear.

Nodding obediently, Stephanie raised her right leg for her mother, allowing her to slip the first half up her legs, before lowering it to raise the other.

Cass raised an eyebrow as she watched Stephanie from the side of the room, her own diaper still clean (she was still allowed to use the toilet). The difference between Stephanie's two "personas" was rather amazing.

"Good! Now..." Crystal got up as she finished putting the plastic panties on Stephanie, before the three heard a clicking noise from them.

"Huh?" Stephanie asked, looking down. "What?!" She asked, eyes widening as she saw something on the plastic panties she hadn't before.

A lock.

"We might as well get as much use out of these as we can, dear." Crystal explained, rubbing her daughter's head affectionately. "And you did agree to do what I said, remember?"

Quietly, Stephanie looked down, any remaining disobedience to her mommy in her long gone by now.

Smiling, Cass simply patted Stephanie's bottom, causing the blonde to grimace as the wet mess was spread out further. "It be fine. You maybe like this." Stephanie blushed at the implication. The diaper was nice and warm, it was true...

“All right, let's go start dinner!” Crystal said. “And you're going to help, both of you."

Smiling, Stephanie and Cassandra followed the older woman, Stephanie wincing slightly whenever her smelly diaper squished the wrong way. “Er, mom? When are you going to change me?”

“Later, baby.” Crystal said simply, walking further. “For now, I want to see what you think of it. And first, we're eating.”

Nodding submissively to her mother, to the latter's pleasure, Stephanie followed her and Cass into the kitchen.

To her relief, she would discover there that she would not have to eat baby food.

I do not own the Batman comic book series: DC does. This is a story covering… and how it happened.
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