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Mass Effect: Of Mommies and Babies :iconpokingaround:Pokingaround 9 3
Mature content
Ikki Isn't Changed Much :iconpokingaround:Pokingaround 7 0
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Northern Academy :iconpokingaround:Pokingaround 3 0
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Mass Effect: The Big Diapered Baby Birdy. :iconpokingaround:Pokingaround 18 2
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From Batgirl to Babygirl! :iconpokingaround:Pokingaround 10 0
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Avatar's Day :iconpokingaround:Pokingaround 4 0
Changes in the Wind
    It had been an interesting evening, On Ji had to admit. The dance party was a rather nice way to spend time, and strangely, the risk she was taking made it seem even more attractive to her, for some reason.
    Of course, now that everybody was scattering in order to get away from the authorities (what a bunch of sour-faced jerks!), she was thinking that, in the future, she would be more careful when she took risks.
    “So now what do we do?” Aang asked, following her as the two snuck through the town, staying in the back alleys.
    “Well, we could…” On Ji started, only to shake her head. “No! Never mind…”
    “What is it?” Aang asked, tilting her head in a puzzled manner.
    “Never mind. It’s a stupid idea, we should just keep doing this.” On Ji said, crouching into one of the alleys
:iconpokingaround:Pokingaround 6 0
Azula's Down To Earth Royalty :iconpokingaround:Pokingaround 32 14
Opal's Last Night in Zaofu
An AB request written by Leoryff
Opal Beifong was leaving home tomorrow.  She’d decided to join the airbenders and Korra.  This was going to be her last night in Zaofu for a long time… maybe years.  She and her mother wanted to make it one to remember.  So, they decided to have one last session of Opal’s… “personal hobby”.  
Opal met her mother in the appointed place, an inconspicuous hallway in the sprawling mansion they called home.  “Were you followed?”  Suyin asked.  
Opal shook her head.  “What about you?  What’d you tell dad?”  She asked.  
“Oh, just the usual.”  Suyin smirked.  “’Lots of paperwork that I need to catch up on!’”  
“Thanks mom.”  Opal wrapped her in a quick hug.  “Ready when you are!”
With some quick movements, Suyin bent the metal wall behind them, making i
:iconpokingaround:Pokingaround 5 2
Locked In
    A/N: If you want a timeline, this (AU) occurs in “The Chase.”
    “Mughh… wha?” Katara muttered, shaking her head as consciousness slowly returned. Judging from how she felt, she might have been out for a few hours.
    Of course, the second thing that she saw was the metal room that she was trapped in, waking her up entirely very quickly.
    “What?!” She said, quickly turning her head around. The room looked about half the size of one of the igloos back home; while it was big enough to hold her, it was maybe half a dozen square feet to a side. When she tried to pull her hands down, she realized that they were currently strapped to the ceiling by a pair of metal chains, and while they were long enough that she could touch the floor, they were also just short enough to make sure that she couldn’t move more than a foot without hitting the limit. And then, s
:iconpokingaround:Pokingaround 17 2
Death :iconpokingaround:Pokingaround 35 3 Opal :iconpokingaround:Pokingaround 57 0
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Diaper Colosseum :iconpokingaround:Pokingaround 54 5
GB: Aang and Katara :iconpokingaround:Pokingaround 11 0
Mature content
Suki :iconpokingaround:Pokingaround 28 10
Mature content
Yue :iconpokingaround:Pokingaround 35 7


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Its Time Again Hinata :iconlittlemissbear:LittleMissBear 107 8
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YCH Fundraising Auction: Tier 3 Unlocked! EXTENDEDOkay, so here's the deal in the short and sweet of it:
The house where I live is under foreclosure. Luckily, it's not MY home, so I only really need to sock away some funds to move. THIS TIME IS APPROACHING. I have a little more than a month before I have to move.
Thus, I'm having this auction as part of raising the money to make that transition easier.

The opening bid for this piece is THIRTY (30) dollars.
Bids are made in increments of $5
At each tier (40,55,70, and 80) another one of the poses opens.
The winner may choose any of the poses they want to appear in the finished piece if all of them aren't unlocked.
Gender, etc, are not specific. Any of the poses can be anything you want.
Bidding opens NOW and will close on August 14th at 12 Noon!
Current Bid: Mephy $55

Reposting this for a friend of mine.


United States
I originally had no plan to do art beyond writing, but I sort of ended that by deciding to work as a sketch colorer. I can't draw that well, so I color in the white areas instead.

I'm a proud fan of A:TLA and LOK, but I can appreciate other fandoms as well.


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