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Changes in the Wind
    It had been an interesting evening, On Ji had to admit. The dance party was a rather nice way to spend time, and strangely, the risk she was taking made it seem even more attractive to her, for some reason.
    Of course, now that everybody was scattering in order to get away from the authorities (what a bunch of sour-faced jerks!), she was thinking that, in the future, she would be more careful when she took risks.
    “So now what do we do?” Aang asked, following her as the two snuck through the town, staying in the back alleys.
    “Well, we could…” On Ji started, only to shake her head. “No! Never mind…”
    “What is it?” Aang asked, tilting her head in a puzzled manner.
    “Never mind. It’s a stupid idea, we should just keep doing this.” On Ji said, crouching into one of the alleys
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Azula's Down To Earth Royalty by Pokingaround Azula's Down To Earth Royalty :iconpokingaround:Pokingaround 38 14
Opal's Last Night in Zaofu
An AB request written by Leoryff
Opal Beifong was leaving home tomorrow.  She’d decided to join the airbenders and Korra.  This was going to be her last night in Zaofu for a long time… maybe years.  She and her mother wanted to make it one to remember.  So, they decided to have one last session of Opal’s… “personal hobby”.  
Opal met her mother in the appointed place, an inconspicuous hallway in the sprawling mansion they called home.  “Were you followed?”  Suyin asked.  
Opal shook her head.  “What about you?  What’d you tell dad?”  She asked.  
“Oh, just the usual.”  Suyin smirked.  “’Lots of paperwork that I need to catch up on!’”  
“Thanks mom.”  Opal wrapped her in a quick hug.  “Ready when you are!”
With some quick movements, Suyin bent the metal wall behind them, making i
:iconpokingaround:Pokingaround 6 2
Locked In
    A/N: If you want a timeline, this (AU) occurs in “The Chase.”
    “Mughh… wha?” Katara muttered, shaking her head as consciousness slowly returned. Judging from how she felt, she might have been out for a few hours.
    Of course, the second thing that she saw was the metal room that she was trapped in, waking her up entirely very quickly.
    “What?!” She said, quickly turning her head around. The room looked about half the size of one of the igloos back home; while it was big enough to hold her, it was maybe half a dozen square feet to a side. When she tried to pull her hands down, she realized that they were currently strapped to the ceiling by a pair of metal chains, and while they were long enough that she could touch the floor, they were also just short enough to make sure that she couldn’t move more than a foot without hitting the limit. And then, s
:iconpokingaround:Pokingaround 20 2
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Gotham City. One of the largest metropolitan areas on the east coast of the US, one of the most polluted, and one of the most corrupt, even after the rather great improvements in recent years.

However, none of those things are something that is going to be focused on, because they aren’t important in this particular story (though they do have an effect on the characters of this story).

What is important, in this case, is the presence of Gotham’s resident superheroes, the “Batclan.” 

“Cass, come on and hurry it up! It’s time for patrol!”

Or more precisely, the lifestyles of some of Gotham’s resident superheroes, the “Batclan.”

From the top of the stairs in Gotham’s Clocktower (which had been abandoned for several years until Barbara Gordon, also known to the superhero community as Oracle, arguably the world’s best hacker, moved in), Stephanie Brown, the current Batgirl yelled downwards.

“Come on Cass, get yourself up here.”

“Here.” Came a sudden, calm, female voice. Not from down the stairs, but rather, from the right of Stephanie.

Who, to her credit, didn’t even blink at something that would have made most people jump nearly out of their skin.

“Cass, really?” Stephanie calmly turned her head around, an annoyed look on her face as she gazed at the martial artist that had (tried to) sneak up on her. “You’re still testing me?”

“Yes.” The other woman said calmly, smiling at her best friend with a near-perfect poker face, absently twirling the (muffled) grappling hook that she had used in her left hand, one of several that she had on her.

Being the adoptive daughter/ward of one of the world’s richest (and smartest) men had its perks, as it turns out.

Especially when the said guardian was an old friend of a practicing magician. One who could use actual magic. Such as for, say, making a pack or belt capable of holding far more than it should have been able to.

Stephanie glared at Cassandra Cain for several seconds. Up until she couldn’t stop herself from smiling any longer.

“Thanks for sticking around.” Stephanie grinned as she moved forwards to embrace her best friend.

“My pleasure.” Cass grinned back as she returned the hug. For several seconds, neither said anything, just leaning into their embrace and being happy at the fact they were back together after Cass had returned from Tokyo.

“And Cass, you were crinkling even before you said anything.” Stephanie added, disengaging herself from their hug, grinning as she slipped her left hand into the waistline of her friend’s pants.

Cass just smirked, giving her rear end a good shake – and true to Stephanie’s words, emitting another crinkle. Stephanie smiled and shook her own booty as well, letting out a similar noise.

“All right, fun aside, could you open the door, Cass?” Stephanie asked, gesturing to the password-locked entryway.

Frowning in response – surely Stephanie knew the code? – Cass nevertheless nodded at the blonde’s request and walked forwards.

However, before she could move more than two feet, a tugging sensation came from behind her. Or specifically, from her behind.

She recognized it immediately.

She had had to deal with it a lot lately, after all.

“Don’t -“ Cass began to say as she felt the sensation of her shorts being pulled down her legs. A pantsing.

Her defensive threat came out a second too late.

“Haha! Gotcha!” Stephanie cheered as she tugged downwards, revealing what lay underneath her friend’s shorts before retreating to observe.

It was pink. That wasn’t too surprising when you were talking about, well, women’s underwear.

What would surprise most people, however, was that what Cassandra Cain was wearing was not really, in the strictest sense of the word, underwear, or panties, or undergarments, or lacing.

It was a thick, water-absorbent, nappy.

Or, if you wanted to use the term Gotham used, a diaper.

Now, this was nothing out of the ordinary, even for Gotham. The city was known for many things among the medical community (few of them good), and being a healthy environment was not one of them.

And considering the methods of the Joker and the Scarecrow, it wasn’t too surprising to hear about somebody becoming medically incontinent from an allergy to either of their signature gases (if they survived).

With that said however, the diaper currently encircling Cassandra’s waist would be very difficult to pass off as a diaper that would be used for medical purposes.

Why was this?

It could have been because it was, well, pink. Most cheap, hospital-style diapers, were plain white in color and were as plain as possible beyond a brand name.

Maybe it was because of the pictures printed all over it – after all, most people who only wore diapers due to a lack of control would try to avoid having their diapers covered with symbols of pacifiers, rattles, building blocks, and various other baby toys.

Or potentially it was because “Messes Go Here” was scribbled across the buttocks in Stephanie’s best “flowery” handwriting.

Your choice of the three, really.

Of course, while Stephanie was feeling good about getting one over her body-language reading friend for once, Cass was fuming. She was also suppressing an embarrassed blush about how she hadn’t seen this coming, but she wasn’t going to tell Stephanie that.

“Steph!” Cass scowled, turning around and giving her friend a fairly good Batglare.

Though the effect was slightly ruined due to Cassandra being about five-foot six and having her pants down around her ankles.

“Cass, you do this every time you babysit me and someone comes over!” Stephanie countered, hands already on her hips. The rest of the batfamily finding out, one at a time, about her AB secret had been a mortifying experience.

Granted, Barbara and Bruce hadn’t cared, Dick and Jason had just chuckled, and Tim had already known somehow, but Damian had been calling her a lot of new names besides “Fatgirl” after he had gotten over it…

“You act baby. Use diapers all time like baby. Make me change diapers. So no pants for you, like baby.” Cass replied calmly, mentally recalling (and wincing at) the many used diapers she had pulled off of Stephanie during her months as her babysitter. “I not like you. I big girl. Apologize. Baby.”

Stephanie frowned. So she was the baby, huh? Well, if Cass wanted her to act that way, she’d oblige.

“No!” She replied, crossing her arms and giving the other woman a pout that would normally be only found on someone much younger.

Given that Cassandra’s glare intensified a good deal, it didn’t seem to have worked.

Seeing the Glare that her friend typically used only when she was making it clear that If you don’t cooperate now, I mean business, Stephanie took a step back.

“Er, truce?” Stephanie offered, moving forwards and pulling out the waistband of her own pants.

She was more than willing to go around the Clocktower for the night without pants on if it meant not fighting Cass.

The half-asian seemed to consider this for a moment before she replied.


Before Stephanie had time to do more than groan, Cassandra moved.

And for the infantile woman, the second before she passed out consisted of a blur, a shooting motion to her lower jaw, and pain.




As she came to, Stephanie Brown wondered exactly why she had thought it would be, for even a second, a good idea to try and get one over on Cassandra Cain when she was still in arm’s reach.

Oh yeah. Because I thought she wasn’t as mad as she was – and I can be an idiot like that sometimes.

I hope she didn’t leave without me.

As the world swam back into focus, Stephanie noticed that several things had changed as she took stock of the situation.

First, she was laid out across what was pretty clearly meant to be either a hospital bed, or the top of a diaper-changing station (her experiences may have colored her perception a bit, though).

Second, she had been, at least partially, stripped of her clothes by somebody else (though since she could see a rather nice view of Gotham from here that lined up with the view of a certain tower, she was betting it was Cass), and was currently down to her bra, undershirt, and (rather lacking) undergarments.

Stephanie frowned briefly as she saw that the front of her disposable was wet. I must have wet myself when Cass hit me… damn it, I wanted to do that myself before Babs sent us out.

And last but not least, Cass – in a similar state of undress to hers – was sitting across the room from her on top of another… huh.

Seems that she was on a diaper-changing station, since that was what Cass was sitting on. The stacks of nappies both cloth and disposable under her sort of gave that away. Must have been what Oracle called them here to see.

Both superhero-girls and diaper-girls worked best together, after all.

Wincing and rubbing her jaw (even though it didn’t hurt), Stephanie carefully sat up to look at her friend.

“Up, ready?” Cass asked simply, crossing her legs.

“Yeah. How long was I out?” Stephanie frowned.

“Five minutes.” Came a voice from the next room, which both girls recognized instantly. “All right, you’re better now, both of you get in here!”

Without so much as a word, both of the diaper-clad heroines walked into the next room, Cass a few feet in front on account of moving faster and Stephanie having to get off of her padded behind.

Watching calmly as they entered her home again, only with them both conscious this time, Barbara Gordon raised an eyebrow at the two acting so casual. “All right you two, how are you holding up now?”

“Fine now.” Cass stated.

“I’m doing great and all.” Stephanie said, before frowning at Cass. “But Cass, considering you decked me earlier for this, why are you flashing us both now?”

Cassandra didn’t even blink before she replied. “Barbara tell you.”

“Okay then, what do you have for us?” Stephanie questioned as she turned around.

Barbara grinned. “Bat-robots.”

Sold!” Stephanie beamed.


“Sooo, Barbara, I was told there would be robots?” Stephanie questioned, looking very confused.

Given that she was in the nursery again, standing at the end opposite the door, and there didn’t seem to be anything resembling a robot there, her confusion was understandable, granted.

Especially since Barbara had told her and Cass to go there.

“There are robots, Stephanie.” Came the voice from both her intercom, and the next room.

“Well, where are they, then?” Stephanie deadpanned. “Cause I don’t see them in here!”

“Wait for it.”

“All right…” Stephanie muttered, a pout coming over her face.

To her surprise, before she could sink into a different mood, she was interrupted.


By Cass, that was.

“No be sad or upset. Be happy.” The other girl said in a stern tone, before smiling and reaching down.

Before she could react, Stephanie felt an iron hand gripping her diaper-clad rear (“It’s Not Just #1”) and let out a squeal of alarm.

“Have diaper. Have me. We patrol soon. Good.” Cass stated calmly, looking at Stephanie with a firm tone in her voice.

Flushing red, Stephanie nodded at Cass in reply.

“Okay, now that you two babies are all done with acting up, shall we get down to business?” Barbara said over the speakers.

“Yeah.” Stephanie replied aloud, while Cass only shook her head in affirmation.

Later, both of them would realize that that was the point where neither of them could hear Barbara’s voice directly through the door behind them.

“Get up on those tables, got it?”

“I thought you were giving us Bat-robots, not testing out a new way of not having to change us.” Stephanie countered, crossing her arms.

“The robots come later! First, we have… preparations to make.”

Cassandra and Stephanie were both immediately set on edge due to the tone that war coming over the speakers now.

“Er, Babs? What are you talking about – and why is the door locked?!” Stephanie yelped, her instincts suddenly screaming at her that something was up.

Cassandra was trying to get to her feet, but for some reason, her rear end – specifically, the diaper - refused to leave the changing table it was on.

As she started to fumble with the diaper, she realized something else.

She couldn’t take her hands off of the tapes.

“What this?!”

“Don’t worry about it.” Barbara commented over the speakers. “You’ll get all the answers when you wake up.”

“What the heck .. are… wha…?”

Before Stephanie could finish yelling, she had passed into the realm of the unconscious, with Cass only a few seconds behind her.


Smiling, Barbara leaned back in her chair as she surveyed her handiwork.

“Ah, sleeping gas. So useful.” She mused to herself briefly, nodding as she looked over the monitor, nodding as she confirmed that, yes, the two of them were well and truly unconscious. Heartbeat monitors, brainwaves, and thought scanners (which she had picked up from the Fortress of Solitude) all agreed on that point.

Though she might have to go over Cass’s dreams later.

They were, to say the least… interesting, at a first glance.

“Oh well. Let’s get to work…” Barbara waved her hand over a part of the interface that related to the nursery.

As the two changing tables began to descend into the ground slowly, Barbara tapped another part of the interface.

“Audio. Recording. Activated.” The computer buzzed in response.

Without pausing, Barbara spoke in a very firm and pronounced tone.

“Activate Audio Hypnotic Imbuing Routines.”

“Command. Accepted.”

“All right… let’s get started.” Barbara smirked.

She couldn’t wait to see the looks on their faces when they came out of their stupors.


“-ight, wake up!”

MuuuRRRGHHH!?! Stephanie snapped to attention as she finally awoke, memories of the last thing she had gone through before passing out jumping to the forefront of her brain.

What the heck had Barbara been doing?!

Okay, take stock of the situation. Remember your training. Where are you, what are your resources? Stephanie ran through her brain in a millisecond, before calming herself down, to see what was happening around her – without opening her eyes, at least.

The fluffy, non-wet sensation around her waist told her something right off the bat.

Okay, first things first. I have a clean diaper on – that’s good. Stephanie mentally felt a little better briefly. Okay, that means that I must have been out for at least a few minutes to get changed. Hands and feet next.

Without opening her eyes, Stephanie twitched one of her hands ever so slightly – not enough to catch any attention from someone, but enough to feel any bonds she might have been in.

She ran into a problem, however.

Namely, she couldn’t move either of her hands, or her feet.

Okay, hands and feet are bound. That’s… not good. I don’t know the area, my situation, or how the heck they managed to get to Oracle, or where Cass could be. That’s really bad…

Guess I’ll be seeing what they want.

As she opened her eyes, several things immediately became clear to Stephanie.

First, she was in some sort of… full-body cell?

She wasn’t really sure how else to describe it, honestly.

Her arms were both going down a pair of “holes”, though, from what she could see from the corners of her eyes. Her legs, she couldn’t even see at all – everything below her waist was cut off by another section of metal that blocked her sight.

And judging by how her wiggling them couldn’t make either move more than a few inches, and the clamps firmly in place around her hips and biceps, she wouldn’t be getting out very quickly.

“Well… here we go.” She muttered to herself as she started to wiggle herself carefully.

“Ah, so you finally decided to join us?”

As a familiar voice came through, however, Stephanie stopped struggling entirely.

“Okay, Barbara, I can dig the diaper, but what the heck are you doing?!” Stephanie demanded furiously, her tone underlined with anger.

“Stephanie, the answers you seek can be found if you simply move forwards. Besides, I’ve delivered on my promise to you now, haven’t I?”

Blinking, Stephanie twitched some of her fingers in her left hand, this time much more visibly.

That seemed to be the trigger for the prison she was in to turn on.

And as it turned out, as lights inside of it began to activate, it wasn’t a prison after all.

“So, yeah, I guess you did give us robots.” Stephanie admitted after several seconds, twitching one of her hands, and seeing the corresponding robotic “glove” react precisely in tune with her movements.

“But I still can’t see anything!” She yelled, which was not inaccurate – the “radar vision” seemingly built into the helmet seemed to have been programmed to stop after the first ten feet.

“Tsk, tsk. Is someone getting fussy?” Barbara asked over the speakers, doing her best (which was very good) to sound stern.

“You just knocked me out for ten minutes and made me freak out when I woke up, why wouldn’t I be fussy?” Stephanie asked back.

“That’s a yes, then? Whuasfe!”

“What’s-“ Stephanie began to ask, only to cut herself off midsentence with wide eyes.

The feeling she was getting from below wasn’t one that could be mistaken, or not focused on.

“Are you – GAH!” Before she could even finish her first few words, Stephanie would swear that her butt positively exploded with a wave of mess. “Urrggh.”

“Ah, there we are!” Barbara could almost be heard smiling over the speakers, Stephanie would swear in the future. “Now that the fuel’s taken care of, let’s get you all clean again.”

Before Stephanie could even entirely catch on to what was happening, a very odd sensation passed through her lower body – like a diaper being removed, but more… liquid, almost?

Then, the liquid really hit.


Stephanie’s eyes widened as, for a few seconds, her lower navel was subjected to what was probably the most intense bath-like sensation she had ever experienced.

As soon as it had started, however, it ended, leaving Stephanie with a very strange sensation in her waist and more questions than answers.

She started by voicing one of those questions. “Okay, what did you just do?”

“Ah, that’s a story in itself.” Barbara replied. “You see, as useful as these robots are, for obvious reasons, they need a power source. Electricity was well and good, but coming up with something that could be used for extended periods just wasn’t turning up that much, and drawing power from magic directly really screws up the systems.”

“Directly?” Stephanie noticed.

“Ah, yes! Directly, electrical power from magic tends to have an effect on computer systems.” Barbara grinned. “On the other hand, though, if electrical power is created through a system that involves magic, but is not the source of it, the complications that arise are almost nonexistent! Such as, say… breaking down and reusing waste material.”

Stephanie’s brain processed this for a minute. When she had realized what Barbara meant, her face went red. “You stuck me in a robot designed to run off of dirty diapers?!”

“Yup. And I gave you a few suggestions so that one of us could give you a little fuel if you ever ran low.” Barbara added, tapping one of the buttons on her keyboard, causing a pair of motors to start truly running.

Stephanie’s eyes went wide, what had happened earlier suddenly making far more sense. “You hypnotized me to mess myself on command?!”

Barbara snorted. “This is a complaint about wearing and using diapers coming from the woman who’s been wearing or using them every second of every day for the past three months?”

Back in the bat-robot, Stephanie scowled. However, before she could come up with a good comeback, a loud humming noise interrupted her concentration.

“Oh, and by the way, the robots have now been activated.” Barbara added over the loudspeakers.

Stephanie abandoned her scowl before it crossed her face in favor of a smirk. Even if things had gotten weird, she had a bat-robot now, and things were good.

However, as her scanners began to truly activate, she noticed something on them. Specifically, another robot, whose helm was splitting apart.

Much like hers, she realized, as her face was suddenly exposed to fresh air.

And across from her, Cass’s face was exposed much the same.

“Oh, and by the way?” Barbara added. “As our first trial, we’re going to be having a robot fight between the two of you.”

Stephanie’s smirk became a full smile as she got into a stance, the mini-mecha she was in mirroring her movements almost perfectly, even as the helms on both robots shot back up and reformed themselves.

“And heads up, if either of you start to run low on power…”

Before Barbara continued, something shot out from the headpiece of the robot’s interior. Before Stephanie could react, it had inserted itself into her mouth, and started to pump in something.

“Well, we just can’t have that. So, we have a system for this now. I hope you two like the taste of oatmeal and laxatives. Also, the loser will be… well, they’ll be charging their robot up to max before patrol for a week straight, got it?”

Stephanie couldn’t force any words past the now-pumping food mixture that was going down her throat in intermittent bursts, allowing her just enough time to get air, but she could manage to stick a particular finger up at the speaker.

“…I’m going to ignore that.” Barbara muttered. “All right now, start! Iuasgent!”

Stephanie blinked, then sighed as the now-familiar sensation of a wet diaper grew down below. “Really?”

“We have to test everything to make sure it works in every scenario before field work.” Barbara deadpanned. “Oh, and Cass is about to pound you.”

“Augh!” Stephanie hastily managed to block the blow from the other girl, skidding back slightly, before landing a kick of her own that sent Cass’s robot backwards in turn, while doing her best to not focus on the feeling of the seemingly-magical cleaning features working on turning her wet diaper into a dry one.

As she began to concentrate more on holding off her friend, a thought came to Stephanie’s mind about the situation she was in.

Still not the weirdest thing that’s happened to me since I came back to Gotham.


United States
I originally had no plan to do art beyond writing, but I sort of ended that by deciding to work as a sketch colorer. I can't draw that well, so I color in the white areas instead.

I'm a proud fan of A:TLA and LOK, but I can appreciate other fandoms as well.


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